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Her raven black hair swished around her shoulders, draped in jade tones, nervously pacing the hall. Her eyes were fixated on some strange picture lost to the young Knight's unique garnet eyes. He tried to peer through the dimness of the moonlight and his black lenses, but it was still a lost cause. The girl, the royal heiress of the throne, to be more precise, was distraught with her worries. Treason, lies, betrayal, and mercenaries encircling her usually lofty thoughts. Dave could see it just in her greenhouse which had fallen into disrepair since her falling out with her father and her brother's intentions. The bright green vines holding turquoise and fiery gold blooms had withered along with the once ripe grapes and watermelons, pumpkins rotting in line with the others. That weary fighter walked through the decaying matter with a hard look set in his usually expressive face.

Now the girl with her mystic ways was darkened with grief and confusion, mistaking it all for blind rage. Her teeth gritted, fists shaking at her sides as she attempted to dig trenches in the marble floors with her heels. "He's mixing with those... those... those monsters!" She exclaimed, falling over her hips as she stared out across the lands from one of the massive open-air arch windows in the hall. She blew up her a piece of that midnight black hair with a puff of exhaustion, sliding the comically round spectacles up her nose.

John should have known he could not hide something so compromising from his full-sighted sister. The nerve! Mingling with those grey-skinned, night-dwelling demons. Them with their horns and lies, their multifaceted manipulation skills, and their hierarchy of lies through the hemospectrum. And what a ridiculous game they played terrorizing the citizens of their lands. As if that would do much of anything other than breed a revolution. What stupid things.

But she had to admit, there were those civilized few that chose Prospitian lifestyles. Though, that did not clear them of their darkness.

Though, whatever the matter be(in this case, Jade's desperation), Dave was seriously worried. So very much so that he took off his glasses and sighed, defeated.

"Jad--," he began, the girl giving him a hard look of correction. Another sigh. "Lady Jade?"

"What?" She pouted a bit, regretting her harsh response. She hadn't meant it, but it was far too late to convey it to the boy now.

"If I may... is there a doubt that the young... er... king?" Jade nodded to Dave's curiosities. "I doubt that his Highness is collaborating with the enemy for... treason purposes. Perhaps a treaty! Something more positive, even." But it was a lost cause. Jade had already made up her mind quite certainly.

"He would have informed us. My plants aren't dying because they lie," she hissed through her two protruding front teeth.

"The plants are dying because you no longer tend to them," he lowered his brow in utter discontent. Was she seriously blaming her brother's interests in the rebels for the decaying of her beloveds? Honestly, it was a silly concept. "Water and treason are two very different things," he wasn't acting very Knightly at all, but at that point he hardly cared. The girl was being irrational with her conclusions and even though she was trying to make sense, she was speaking gibberish. Er... more than usual.

"But what if he's not honest in intentions, Dave?" Clearly she was done playing royal as well. Her hand gripped the crimson collar of his tunic tightly, watery emerald eyes filled with worry. Her face, a little red from the cool winds of the Fall, scrunched into a saddened look. Dave jolted to this lowered defense and felt himself pushed against the icy pillar of marble. His hands, though gloved in thick leather, could feel the drastically decreased temperature resonate with his body. It may have chilled him, but it could barely hide the blush creeping across his face. "If I can't protect them... think about it, everyone will be in danger?"

She's still thinking about us? She's almost a queen and she's still thinking about friends? Dave couldn't help but ponder behind pursed lips.

"We can protect ourselves, you know," he tried to play cool, but his distraught was already showing on his face. "I mean, you do your job."

"And what is that? To watch John take the throne and screw it up? To watch you ride into a blood bath and bury nothing but your helmet?" Tears were welling in her eyes then. "And what about John? He can't handle leading. All he does is joke around and play jokes. How is he expected to rule? What, because he's a boy?" She whipped around, the jade gown spinning like a small spiral of water into the depths of their own demise. She was in the middle of that elegant swirl and she was being sucked in by her own unhappiness and longing to protect. What a brave one. "I could protect them... and he could lose them..." Her head fell, black locks draping her heart shaped face like a curtain of the night sky. Little bits of starlight tears ran down her smooth face and dappled her night-sky hair. Dave took in all in like the smooth yet intoxicating smoke of a gypsy's camp. He reached out a hand, fingertips shaking a bit as they slid around a single lock of that hair and brought it to his nose. It smelled like the flowers calling her back to their side and the strength of her heart: sweet and smoky, strong and lively. She smelled like a burning rose. "C-cut it out, Dave!" Her face, tanned from lying up in the greenhouses at a time, blushes a gentle pink.

"You know these things work out on their own," he nodded, walking close to her so that he stood over her just like he used to. Just a few inches, maybe four and a half, but enough to make a clear point. You're being stupid, now relax. "You need to be cool about these things," he nodded, leaning down a bit so the moonlight didn't make her sorrow-filled face to harsh.

Their faces were just inches apart when Jade noticed the almost electric look in Dave's eyes. It was hidden behind the garnet gems set in his face, but faintly it sparkled in the light of the moon. "And you won't bury anything of me... but..." He didn't finish. Their lips collided softly as the moon faded behind a veil of black clouds. Jade, at first, jumped, her heart racing inside her head. Though, some might argue it was fear, Jade was nervous, not scared. Her face flooded with a heat like no other and her hands started to shake, but it still wasn't quite fear. Her hands took a hold of Dave's collar as the two hot lips tangled together softly, innocently.

Dave ran his fingers through her thick, twilight-dark hair and pressed forward. Though he came off gentle and loving, inside he was pacing himself as slowly as he could, unsure of his experience. (Take note this was none.) He tilted Jade's face up to his a little higher as their lips parted for air, but spun together once again. The girl wasn't resisting and it was a mutual kiss.

When they parted, slowly and just inches apart, foreheads resting together, their eyes met. They were full of fluttering heartbeats and warmth as they stared into each others eyes for a good minute. Dave smiled and kissed her forehead gently, releasing his grip that had slid down to the small of her back. "You won't bury anything of me because I'll defend you until all the clocks in the world stop and time ends," he smiled at her and slid his shades back on. "So... until then... be cool," he smiled warmly, turning and leaving.

But the girl was in pieces on the wall, her face heated and hands shaking slightly. Th-that was a k-kiss... Dave kissed me? Dave kissed me! Her thoughts rambled in circles as she began to head back to her room. Halfway through the maze-like halls she stopped and touched her lips with featherweight pressure and smiled. He kissed me...

The next day as young Knight Dave looked up from the courtyard with his brother, Bard Strider, he smiled a stupid grin as he saw the lively greens and blues, fiery golds and reds spilling over from the greenhouse windows and walls. Maybe it was a silly notion, but love really did bring some things to life.


A bit of backstory on the royal whiner and her hand Knight, Dave.
Hope it clears her character placement up. ;)
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DAWWWWW lovely as always :')
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well good job it worked out perfectly i loved it.
when is the next chapter for Still The Same????????
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um... what?
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